Saturday, 13 July 2013

This week in Luddenden

                                          Miller - only the second for me here

                                          Small-dotted Buff

                                          Beautiful Snout - I think the cat had been playing
                                          with this one, it was dead next to my trap, only the
                                          fifth for Yorkshire I think

                                          Buff-tip, one of my favourites                                    

                                          A regular species in the garden but always good to
                                          Pug for i.d. - is this Oak-tree Pug?

                                          Pebble Prominent - another new one for the garden


AndyC said...

A great selection there,good to see beautiful Snout,the best place in Yorkshire to see this species is between Copley and hebden...............

AndyC said...

it looks like Narrow winged pug , but with its wings in unusual position.

martynbirder said...

I think you may be right about the Pug Andy although it was much bigger than the other 2 Narrow Winged Pug I had that night (they had the usual wing shape)