Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sowerby Bridge Moths

Lime Hawk Moth


Figure of Eighty

Help needed, Dusky Brocade?

Buff Arches

A few selections from recently down here overlooking the canal
on Wakefield Road. Been keeping diligent(ish) record since
late May.


AndyC said...

Great Andy,glad you have made good use of the trap......A good selection and the Lime hawkmoth ..wow

AndyC said...

Yes to Dusky Brocade..

Andy Greaves said...

Thanks for that Andy C. It's been quite rich and varied so far but very few 'micro' species for some reason, seems heavyweights rule the roost, in particular seeing lots of Elephant Hawk moths this year.

Nick Carter said...

Fantastic stuff there Andy, caught Eyed Hawkmoth and Garden Tiger over the weekend but neither of them in Calderdale I'm afraid.

Andy Greaves said...

Hi Nick, interesting, both very scarce round here those two aren't they? Vaguely expecting the first Privet Hawk record round here some time soon on the (slender I suppose) basis that my brother found a caterpillar that exactly fitted the description last year but released it before I could get a photo. All good stuff.