Friday, 11 July 2014


Dave's observation of ringlets in Withins Clough echoes what I saw on Monday this week and I posted this on the Calderdale Wildlife blog:-

"This year seems a good one for Ringlets and there are reasonable numbers up Tod.
But I was in a wet sphagnum field in a woodland clearing up Crag Vale this morning, (upstream from the Hinchcliffe), and at a guess there must have been into the hundreds of ringlets; plus some Small Skippers and Meadow Browns. Wonderful to see."


AndyC said...

would you say 100 + or 200+, as this is by far the largest count in Calderdale to date.?

Philip said...

Judging by the size of the open field, sheltered on all sides by woodland and a lovely sunny aspect; plus it is a very wet area with sphagnum bog in parts and purple moor grass in quantity. With what I counted in front of me at each step, I think 200+ may be a better guestimate. Another visit I think.

AndyC said...

Keep us posted, sounds like a great spot..