Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Lee Mount

We have a small garden and over the last year or two we have planted a Buddliea and a few other insect loving plants such as Cotoneaster horizontalis, Sedum spectabile and Erysimum (Bowles Mauve) - the latter is the best plant we have found for attracting insects over a long period - in fact this last winter it flowered all winter and has never stopped all summer long.
In the last few weeks we have had an unprecedented selection of butterflies
Lots of Small Tortoiseshells
A good number of Meadow Browns
A similar number of Ringlets
2 Commas
1 Gatekeeper (a first)
Several Small Skippers
Speckled Woods most days
A few Peacocks - but not many Red Admirals
Large, Small and Green-veined Whites
Occasional Orange Tips (several weeks ago)


Sedum - coming into flower


Nick Carter said...

Very useful Dave, will look into the Erysium.

AndyC said...

Erysimum not herd of that before will have to get some ..I find lavender is also excellent...

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Erysimum struggles in a bad winter (though ours survived this last winter and in fact flowered all winter as well)It's best to get new plants in spring - most garden centres have them in stock then.