Thursday, 10 September 2015

Lee Mount

From last night 9th Sepember....with a few queries....
It was quite windy and cold but I managed to get just a few.

These 2 below are the same moth I think (it had a raised abdomen) I wondered if it was a 'strange ' Small Phoenix ?? as I can't find anything like it in the books - Correction - Common Marbled Carpet

 Above - thought last night it was a Dun-bar but it was slightly bigger ? Correction - Dun-bar

Six-striped Rustic ?? Correction Square-spot Rustic

Lesser Yellow Underwing ??
Also (I think)!
10+ Large Yellow Underwing
1 Garden Carpet
1 Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
Several Eudonia micros
1 Mother of Pearl

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AndyC said...

Common Marbled Carpet , Dunbar and Sq sp rustic.