Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Northowram last night

Silver Y    x  2
Small Square Spot    x  1
Angle Shades x 1
Black Rustic x  2
Rosy Rustic x 1
Lunar Underwing   x 2
Common Marbled Carpet x 3
Red Green Carpet  x 1
Large Y U  x 7
Lesser Y U   x 1
Light Brown Apple Moth   x  2
Acleris Lat / Com x 2
Garden Rose Tortrix  x 3
Acleris Sparsana   x 2
Acleris Rhombana x 1
Blastobasis Ardustella x 2


Dave Sutcliffe said...

Not a bad score Andy. It's been quiet here and never had Rosy Rustic .....yet !

AndyC said...

Had Red Line Quaker last night and keep and eye out for The Streak.(rare nowerdays)