Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Lee Mount 4th September querie !

Any thoughts on this moth from this morning ?

Thought at first it was a Shuttle-shaped Dart with the wings folded though it looked longer and darker but I don't think it's that now and I've not seen either of the other possibilities which could be (Heart and Club or Dark Sword-grass) ??? Wing length similar to L Y Underwing.
Turnip Moth


AndyC said...

Its very dark , but looks like Dark sword grass

AndyC said...

a migrant

AndyC said...

or is this the dark form of Turnip.

David Sutcliffe said...

Think you could be right Andy, not sure as that's what I've been thinking though this was a larger moth than this mornings 15mm and was just about the size of a L Y Underwing. I'm going back to have another look !