Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Mixenden and Hunter Hill

This afternoon 10 Speckled Wood butterfly's along the west side of Mixenden Reservoir.

1 Small Tortoiseshell on Hunter Hill.

Also on Hunter Hill I found 2 Fox Moth caterpillars, one footpath casualty and another seemed to be feeding on grass on the short turf.
I also found one moth along a hawthorn hedge by Ogden golf course which I'm pretty sure must be a Rhomboid Tortrix - Acleris rhombana. Photo not that good as it was taken on the phone !
 Rhomboid Tortrix
Fox Moth caterpillar
I understand care has to be taken at some stages of the instars as confusion can arise with Oak Egger caterpillars. I'm pretty sure this is Fox Moth but have never seen or found Oak Egger cat's for comparison. Has anyone else ?

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