Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Cromwell Bottom Today. 30th April

Called in at Cromwell Bottom on the way home from work today. Saw 5 Peacocks, this one looking interested in a house brick, 3 speckled woods looking fresh and chocolate brown and a whole host of Eriocrania Subpurpurella.



Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Winston
Its feeding on the minerals/salts washing out of the wet brick. I have photos of a male Holly Blue that fed on a large bird dropping in a garden I worked on. It came back again and again to the dropping over the course of a week. Being in the shit is not always a bad thing :-))

A classic way to attract Purple Emperor males is to leave out the carcase of a dead rabbit. They can scent it from miles away and will feed regularly on the liquids oozing out of the rotting carcase. One of the monthly tips in one of my old lepidoptera books is to make use of any dead cats found run over by carts by leaving them out in woodland rides to attract Purple Emperors !

charly streets said...

Nice spangly one there Winston. I often find it tricky to get the camera at precise right angles to something so small to make sure everything is in sharp focus, so well done.