Sunday, 27 April 2008

A few Moths from a Pellon garden

At last spring has finally arrived and last night (Saturday) was a good one with,

Early Grey
Hebrew Character
Common Quaker
Twin Spotted Quaker
Red -green Carpet
Silver Y
Brindled Pug and
Early Tooth-striped

Red-green Carpet

Early Tooth-striped

Early Grey

Brindled Pug


AndyC said...

Nice one Martyn,Brian in Tod recorded Early toothed stripe as well last night and also an Early Thorn.What light are you using at the moment.?

drepana said...

ETS also seen by charley streets and myself last week, my example wouldn't keep still long enough for a photo!


AndyC said...

Brindled or double- Striped.?