Monday, 21 April 2008

Tuesday,Cromwell bottom

Hi all,lets meet at the car Park by Crowther Bridge at 7ish,I will pop down and sugar a few trees , I am sure PT can tell us some good spots to have a look at Tag Loop and Tag cut should be good.The wind seems to be easing and the temp improving.


drepana said...

Hi Andy,

Thats great. I have made arrangements to Pick Up CS and we will be there at the car park 7ish. We will be bringing an assortment of torches!


07986 222678

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

If you want my opinion I would leave it another week before Sallowing. I had a look round the whole site this morning and I reckon only about half the Sallow is out and no leaves really yet. If you leave it until next week on a suitable night you might get some larvea out feeding on leaves, and reeds. In my estimation we are around 2/3 weeks behind what is now classed as a normal spring in terms of temp and plant growth. Its not been that warm today yet and its unlikely to warm sufficiently over tomorrow to encourage further emergence. Next week is a much better bet in my opinion if the warmer weather holds. I went lookoing for Coleophorids this morning and did not find any nor any sign of larval damage to what few leaves were out.

A good tip for assessing an evenings larval or moth searching is to check if slugs and snails are moving after dark. If they are its usually warm enough, no slugs, too cold.