Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Heath Royd Last Week in May

Not over busy but some new ones for the year including what I believe to be "brunnea" variation of Lime Hawkmoth pictured with more usual "tilliae" pictured, correct me if I am mistaken.
Amongst others
Common Marbled Carpet 1
Silver -ground Carpet 1
Garden Carpet 2
Flame Shoulder 2
Dark Arches 3
Silver Y 1
Beautiful Golden Y 1
Common Swift 1
Phoenix 1


AndyC said...

brilliant Ab.brunnea rarely recorded in Calderdale.Great photo for comparison....Hawkmoths just love your place

Nick Carter said...

"Not very busy"? We'd give our right arm for a Lime Hawk!

brian leecy said...

Nice 1 Sean,never seen that form.Bri.

Sean Johnston said...

The grass is always greener...........! I see other Moths being observed or trapped at other locations, quite local to me on occasions, and wonder why I don't get them. It would seem that Mothing can be very localised and to test my theory in the next couple of weeks, I will set my trap up in "The Mother in Laws" garden which is dangerously close and diagonally opposite yet with a back drop of Hollies and Beech and quite an abundance of completely different flowering plants which may or hopefully attract completely different species. Yours in hope!

AndyC said...

Last night in the field in front of my house I had 50+ Ghost moths ,70+ Silver ground carpets and 30 Small magpie in the trap about 50 feet from field this morning Ghost Moths ,2 Small magpies and 12 Silver ground carpets.One Small elephant Hawkmoth was nice.