Monday, 6 June 2011

A surprise with me pint...

Went for a walk around the Red Beck valley this evening, all we really saw was 1 peacock, however when we got to the Shoulder of Mutton in Southouram and were sat outside, sipping gently on a beverage, a darting motion caught my eye. Braving the rat run drivers, I crossed the road (left my pint on the table so it must have been a good find) and there was a hummingbird hawkmoth feeding on the flowers growning out of the wall. I think they were red valarian (not sure if that is the correct spelling or even if they are the correct flower). It hovered around for a few minutes but would not hold still enough to get a photo. Then a passing car sent it on its way over the fence and into the gardens.

Also had a Red Admiral in the garden last week.

Cunnery Wood saw a load of Speckeld Wood, Orange Tip, Peacock and a Comma about 2 weeks ago.

All being well (and weather and electricity dependant) I am going to run one of my traps outside the rear of Clay House on Wednesday night. We have access to the old Ranger hut behind house so if we still have power to it I will be able to run the trap. Will confirm tomorrow after i find out for definate.


AndyC said...

Good observation,red valarian is often its favoured plant,I have seen it on this plant in Northowram but not for a few years ..let us know if your trapping on wens..

Chris said...

Checked out and there is power to our hut at the rear of Clay House. Will be putting the trap out at about 9pm if anyone wants to come along to see what we might find.