Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Lee Mount 19th June

A great night with 78+ moths of at least 36 spp. (some still to go through.) I won't list them all now but just one or two photo's to flavour... check on !
 Bordered White - I didn't see the upper wing but the underwing is really nice
  Green Arches - a new one for here and the best looking moth I have ever seen ! - fantastic moth though this was the only shot I got of it and hardly does it justice.
 Small Angle Shades
 Ruby Tiger (3 of last night)
 I think this must be Currant Pug ?
This large one turned up late on and was in the trap this morning. At first I thought similar to Willow Beauty but think this might be Mottled Beauty ? (which would be another new one for me.)

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