Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Lee Mount - micros !

From this last week or so, 4 micros, which as usual, I am struggling with - though I am pretty determined to try and get as near as I can with them and I don't give up easily. Though they are a tricky bunch.
Any help - or pointers appreciated as ever.
All 4 were around 6mm so they were all pretty small.

 These are two different moths above and below possibly the same species. Thinking maybe Hawthorn Moth - Scythropia crataegella

 Mompha lacteella or ?
 Monopis obviella ?
Pammene fasciana ?


AndyC said...

It could be mompha conturbatella , rare moths in Yorkshire but I think charlie S has recorded them on rosebay willowheb.??

charlie streets said...

Hi all,

I usually rely on library computers these days and in their wisdom have disabled viewing blog photos so can't help with(or see) any of the photos I'm afraid :-(

And yes, I did find a M.conturbatella a few years ago at Norland.........