Saturday, 3 June 2017

Lee Mount - 1st June

26 species and nearly 50 moths in total but still going through the photos.

Queries first ?
First 3 photo's below (never seen one of these before) - is this Sallow Kitten (c16 mm wing length) rather than Poplar Kitten ?

 Not sure which Wave this is (a confusing bunch but don't think it's Riband Wave) wing length c14mm) - think maybe Common White Wave

Think this must be an Ingrailed Cley

And 3 different Pugs below all about the same Brindled Pug size. Wonder if the lower one of the three could be Mottled Pug with the distinct marks beyond the central spot.



AndyC said...

sallow and wave look good to me ...

AndyC said...

1 ..freyers
2 ...unknown

AndyC said...

Mottled id features are 3 dark dashes beyond the small discal spot and 2 pale streaks extending to the outer margins...