Sunday, 1 October 2017

Stainland 1st October 2917

In spite of the rain last night I had a couple of moths by the door.
Angle shades and Garden Carpet.

Angle Shades.

Garden Carpet.

On the underside of a rose leaf, I found a tiny looper caterpillar. It would have been about 5 mm long if it was stretched out, certainly no bigger . I did wonder if it may be a Garden Rose Tort, but that seemed unlikely. You can see where it, (or something) has eaten the bottom side layer of the leaf away. Does anyone recognise it? 

ID needed.

The photo below shows the topside of the same leaf. Down the centre rib, was what looks like a leaf miner. Is it the leaf mine of a moth? From underneath, nothing was showing. The yellow wavy line was about 3 mm long. Note that the centre rib is a lot darker by the leaf mine.


A short distance away was a small orange fly. I only got one shot of it and the focus is a little soft. It was about the size of a greenfly, possibly a bit smaller. It can't be an Aphid, (I don't think) as it does not have projecting cornicles. I'd love to know what it is, Anyone?


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