Monday, 2 October 2017

Stainland 2nd October 21017This moth arrive about 11 pm

This moth arrived about 11 pm on the 1st Oct. I took one photo, as I was off to bed when I saw it. Due to bad weather, it was here this morning but had moved to the door from the fanlight.

I've had a fair bit of trouble with this one. It's a poorly marked moth and very similar to one or two others. To try and help get a correct ID, I'm posting 3 images of it. One is where the wing blew it wing up as I was taking photos. For the moment, I've settled on it being an Autumnal Moth - Epirrita autumnata (TBC). Whatever it is, it's another first for me.

Autumnal Moth - 
Epirrita autumnata. TBC.

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