Thursday, 8 May 2008

Cromwell Bottom 5th May

First time out looking for butterflies... and its taken me 3 days to get round to posting it! lol

Tried Cromwell Bottom and had plenty of small tortoiseshells, couple of peacocks and a speckled wood (I think - first for me). Also had possible a female orange tip though no clear views as was flying way too fast and didnt settle. There was also a much smaller white butterfly?

Very sunny day and nice to be out, butterflies didnt seem to want to co operate with having their photos taken much mind - someone told me that its best to go in the evening as they are settling in for the night?


charly streets said...

Yes,definitely Speckled Wood,becoming increasingly common as it spreads northwards up the UK.

Early/mid morning can also be good for butterfly photography before they warm up too much. It's amazing how approachable they are when still cool -if you can find them that is!!

Andrew & Lorna said...

Thanks for the confirmation Charly, will try and get up there early morning or maybe evening....