Monday, 12 May 2008

Hi All,
Had a micro in the trap I am unfamiliar with 2 nights ago... here it is

Now, coincidentally it looks very similar to the one in Andrew and Loras recent post, i.e. Mompha subbistrigella as identified by Charly. But Charly, whilst the legs etc look right , the wings especially the white areas don't look the same as the pics on the uk moths site? can you help?


Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Winston
I think its a rather tatty battered specimen of Incurvaria masculella.

drepana said...

Hi Paul

Yes the white markings look right for I. masculella. thanks

charly streets said...

A female at that, the males have markedly feathered antennae. Also it has around twice the wingspan of subbistigella.
It's usually a good idea when an ID is wanted for tricky species to include date, forewing length and a good photo taken at RIGHT ANGLES to the wing (especially for micros). Apologies for the lecture, but it helps us to help you if you know what I mean :-)

drepana said...

Hi charly
good advice, which would have been adhered to had the insect in question not disappeared down a gap in the decking!

charly streets said...

Ah, I see. I must admit I'm as big a culprit as anyone for not including size as most of my shots are taken "in the wild" as you know, and trying to measure them usually results in said moth making a sharp exit, especially the day fliers.