Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Moorland foray

After work on Sunday I took a trip to the moors above Pecket well. Cloudy, gloomy and rather chilly and the prospects were not good. However two Green Hairstreaks were spotted and this rather impressive but as yet unidentified Larvae on billbery and heather. Anybody any ideas what it is? (37mm long) Happy hunting. Winston


AndyC said...

hi Winston,
Is it Northern Eggar how big was it.?
Sorry charly carnt id any of um,will try and have another look later.

drepana said...

Hi Andy

Caterpillar was 37mm. Northern Eggar would be exciting.

drepana said...

Just looked again. It's a very strong contender!

oldsoulrebel said...

yes it's a caterpillar !!!!!!!