Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Now I know that this Blackneck looks to be falling in bits (well not only looks it is!) but I believe it is a pretty rare moth in Yorkshire, are there any other local records?

Now for something that does make a good picture, I also had this Buff Arches last night

is anyone else having lots of Snout, I have had eight in one night this week

I'm also getting a few Small Fan-foot this year

don't be put off by the poor weather, I often find the good Moths turn up in poor conditions


AndyC said...

excellent Blackneck,I recorded the first last year at Northowram so its only the second record.I have been recording lots of Snouts with 5 a couple of nights ago.great stuff Martyn

Andrew & Lorna said...

I had lots of snouts (5) in the trap last Friday, have not taken the pics off the camera yet though and havent started trying to id them - but I do recognise that one! :-)

AndyC said...

I recorded mine on the 13th July 2007 .So nearly a year to the same date ? was yours on the 14th or 15th ?????

oldsoulrebel said...

15th Andy