Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Hi Guys
Another location for Ringlet, Nefyn beach ! I spent 15 mins following a small dark butterfly up and down Nefyn beach on Tuesday until it finally settled and its identity was revealed. Talk about a let down, I had been hoping for a small fritillary of some description ! Not done much apart from work so far but we did have a female Bee Moth settle in the caravan on Sunday night when we sat down for a drink on the patio.

Anyone got a decent Ringlet image I can borrow for my blog !

PS Watch the North Wales news tomorrow night and see the launch of the Anglesea Lifeboat in response to Sues 999 call to the coast guard about a possible Reggie Perrin/ John Stonehouse on Nefyn beach this morning!


charly streets said...


I tried emailing a pic of a Ringlet to two of your email addresses yesterday but I got a message saying they couldn't be sent for some reason. Use mine off the blog from last week if you don't get any better offers.


Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Guys
New email address is

I got Winstons photo through on my old Blueyonder account, don't know how as its been closed since the 14th. Borrowed one of your Ringlet photos Charly and used the one Winston sent.

Garden Tiger was best moth last night to my caravan outside light. Got some photos but have left the bloody card reader at home in Yorkshire. Off out to buy a new one tomorrow as I am trying the actinic trap tonight for the first Llyn blog for details of the catch.