Thursday, 10 July 2008

Unknowns and new records

Here is the photo (sorry about the quality and clarity) of the mothy creature found up at Ogden (top). Any ideas?

Also found a number of these caterpillars in the garden this afternoon, does anyone know what they might be? (middle)

Finally 1 ringlet at Jerusalem Farm today (bottom)


charly streets said...

Hi Chris, your mothy creature is a planthopper bug of some kind.

Makes you wonder how many Ringlet records are down to observer awareness rather than a genuine increase in numbers. It seems to be an easily overlooked species.


Chris said...

Thanks for the ID Charly, I've never seen one before.

Yes there has been a number of ringlet seen recently, perhaps we are all looking more. I know in the past I might have mistook ones flying in the distance to be meadow browns (especially at Cromwell Bottom). I also seem to be seeing more chimney sweeps since the call went out for more records. Perhaps we should all be looking for a winning lottery ticket...