Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Took a walk today up Dark Lane, over Beacon Hill, down Marsh Lane (via Sunny Banks Farm) and down to Sunny Vale.

Dark Lane
lots of large yellow underwings
2 ringlet
1 gatekeeper
1 speckled wood
lots of meadow browns

Marsh Lane to Sunny Bank Farm
1 Yellow shell

Fields between Sunny Bank Farm and Sunny Vale
Meadow brown
Small heath
Small skipper
All of the above in large numbers, I estimated at least 50 plus of each species. It might be worth having a look at these fields in more details.

Sunny Vale


AndyC said...

11 Gatekeeper
82 Meadow Brown
6 speckled wood
28 Large Skipper
2 Small Skipper
At Cromwell bottom today
Well done Chris please try and count them Gatekeepers that is the largest count in calderdale .Good stuff

Chris said...


Ii will have a go over the next few days, but am on hoilday after that.

I have told Edie and she might get chance to go and have a count.