Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Cunnery Wood

Sugared the trees in Cunnery Wood about 5pm, returned between 6.45pm & 7.30pm. Had 2 chestnuts on the large sycamore, nothing on anything else.


brian leecy said...

Hi Chris,started my sugaring campaign at knott wood h bridge last night 5 chestnut,ive found 1st visits are not usually productive,looking forward to next few visits,its right time for merville du jours,had 2 at sugar 2006 colden clough,all the best Bri.

AndyC said...

I will sugar on thursday .

brian leecy said...

Hi Chris,i have records for 2006 at colden ,bob wood area SD977283,only scratching the surface,just tree searching and sugaring for a couple of months,but some good moths,and good numbers of common species.how would you like the records ? all the best Bri.