Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Last nights moths/Northowram

Its was raining hard when I put the lamp on last night and as I went to bed the sky was clear and there were plenty stars to be seen.I was amazed to find this lot in the trap this morning... 40 moths ,12 species
12 light brown apple moth
9 Blairs shoulder knot
4 Common Marbled carpet
4 November Moths
2 Angle Shades
2 Silver Y
1 Black rustic
1 Barred sallow
1 Green Brindled cresent
1 Copper Underwing
1 Grey pine Carpet
1 Rosy Rustic
1 Acleris sparsarana
Also in the field today -
5 Small tortoiseshell
1 painted lady
3 red admiral
1 comma
1 speckled wood
No Clouded yellow but there must be one in calderdale somewhere.????


martynbirder said...

good night that Andy, rubbish here


Winston said...

amazing, didn't think it was worth trying, just shows you i suppose. trap on tonight. Win

Winston said...

and there is a November moth agg. 1st of the year :-)

AndyC said...

Its a funny old game,last night 1 Silver Y......