Monday, 26 October 2009

Moth Tunnel

Hi All

Living on a canal boat I sometimes see things from a different angle. Today Iwent on a short cruise through Fallingroyd tunnel (Pictured) (Which transports the canal under the main road in between Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd) Iwas amazed to see quite a few large macro moths. There was a problem however, as the boat lights illuminated the moths only as a distance and not close up, and the situation was not one for hanging around. (A 13 ton wide beam boat in a narrow curved tunnel is a difficult navigational feat). The light was fading and it was very mild today so am not sure if this was a factor as I have gone through the tunnel many times and never seen a moth in there. I would say they could have been Feathered Thorn or Herald. I know these species well and also know their differences but couldn't get close up. Time to deploy the torch and rowing boat! Will report my findings.



brian leecy said...

Hi Winston,my guess would be Herald,due to their fondness of over wintering in caves garages out buildings and the like,be interesting to see though,and will be good records.all the best Bri.

Winston said...

indeed. Only had one in the trap here ever which is about 400 yds down the canal. Win

Nick Carter said...

A workmate's father did some work on moths found in caves in the Dales, the two species concerned were Herald and Tissue Moth, I think he would be interested to know what yours turn out to be.

Winston said...

Nick, I will let you know