Tuesday, 11 May 2010

National Moth Night 2010.Shibden and Cunnery wood

http://www.nationalmothnight.info/Hi all nearly forgot about NMN with all this rubbish weather so far this year.Plan is to start at 8.30pm on sat night with a short talk about bats at Mereside by Hugh Firman and also moths if he gets round to it. People can then go on a bat walk and then look at moths or go straight to moth traps.
I will be putting my moth trap in Cunnery wood in the usuall spot ,I think Chris is putting one near the hall.??I will also be putting one near the pond in Cunnery wood.Brian is setting up at Knott wood hebden bridge.all welcome to join in................hope the weather picks up.


Winston said...

working in Manc till late. I think poss too late to call by :-( Win

Nick Carter said...

On Orkney (hopefully!)