Monday, 31 May 2010

516 Large Clover Case-bearer Coleophora trifolii

Found this little chap nectering on dandelion a few days ago and unfortunately he has had to wait until today for the weather to be bright enough to take his photo. Can't seem to find this one on UK Moths, anyone any ideas? At first it looked like a rather bland specimen but the lens has revealed his beauty. A shimmering golden black sheen to the wings and white ends to the antenae. (About 9mm long).
See latest comment for id notes.


charlie streets said...

Win, the only one that springs to mind is 396 Glyphipterix fuscoviridella. We saw some at Mayroyd a couple of years back.

Winston said...

Charlie, this one is longer, thinner and has the white antennae ends. I am trying to get a better id shot. Win


Coleophera mayrella?
cheers G.F.

Winston said...

My favourite is 519 :-)

charlie streets said...

Yep,I was obviously way off! I reckon your moth has a wingspan of c16mm - way too big for the two species you mention.Why not send it off to Harry in the quieter months?

AndyC said...

I reckon 518 with Graham

Winston said...

Gentlmen,we were all wrong! The back garden moths site has provided the correct id (I believe)

516 Large Clover Case-bearer Coleophora trifolii

It is the only one that fits all the criteria...
1) WL of my specimen 7.75mm. (measured through a hand lens) too big for the other suggestions.
2) Metalic green sheen to wings and copper apex.
3) white ends to antenae (not stripes as in 518)
4) Habitat, flight period and daytime habit all fit.

according to Hants moths this is one of the few which can be identified without disection.

It just happens that the pic on UK Moths is not particularly representitive.

see this one on Hants moths -

where it is relatively common.

Andy - Do we get many of these up here?

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Win
I recorded this on 19th June 2000 at Cromwell Bottom with the specimen confirmed by Ian Kimber on the night.

Winston said...

Hi Paul

Yes, I see Ian has on of his pics of this species on his site from CB.


charlie streets said...

Well done Win, glad to see you solved the mystery - one to keep an eye out for!

brian leecy said...

nice 1 Win,looks like you are getting well into micros.great stuff.

Winston said...

Thanks everyone. With a lot of help, the jigsaw was completed. Win