Monday, 6 September 2010

Dark Marbled or Common Marbled Carpet..??

Hopefully Brian is putting up a few pics later on this week to help id this tricky couple of moths.
So heres one to get your brains in gear theses are both the same moth ..

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brian leecy said...

id say dark marbled,its a good example,it shows how variable the features can be ie w t lewington states the main id character to be the projection on the outer central bar which is longer and more pointed on dk marbled,ive looked at lots of pics of both species and this character is so variable in each species,in your example it isnt so pronounced for the usual dk m c,but it shows extensive white flash ! to me the most reliable feature is the angle of the line on underside of hindwing,although this can vary even on each wing of same moth ! this looks slightly angled and pointy ! be interesting to see what others think,regards Bri.