Saturday, 4 September 2010

Whiteholme Dragons

Good day on the drain...... Filming Black Darters ovipositing.......not quite as vigorous as the Common Darters on Tag Loop. This species seems less approachable than Common Darters but I did manage to lie down on the drain within 18 inches of an obliging male for some nice hand-held macro shots. Quite a few late-flying small blue damsels kicking about...probably Common Blue Damselflies....but I would need to check the tapes before giving a positive ID. There was a stunning Common Hawker working the sides of a pond next to the sluice gates at the top of the reservoir, but I struggled to get any shots as he was constantly on the move searching for a mate or chasing off other males. I'll give him another go tomorrow. Loads of blue damsels here. Only 1 Common Darter seen on the drain. 1 x Green-veined White and 1 x Peacock were the only butterflies noticed.

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