Sunday, 26 September 2010

Red Line Quaker

Still moths out there despite the cold temps,Red Line Quaker,Streak,Common Marbled Carpet,Black Rustic(7)Autumn green carpet,Blairs Shoulder Knot,Light Brown apple Moth and Garden Rose Tortrix.

Another interesting article from birdguides
Makes you wounder what in Hardcastle craggs...........??


Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

A major factor in the lack of many invertebrates at Hardcastle Crags is the huge population of Wood Ants. Its simply impossible to beat trees and vegetation in most of the crags without getting showered with Wood Ants.

If you want to bag a real rarity in the Crags then search wood ants nests for the larval tubes of a micro moth called Myrmecozela ochraceella. If its around then the larval tubes should be on the outer surface of Ants nests and thus winter when the ants are dormant is the best time to look. Its one of those species I was going to look for but never got round to before left.

I suspect if its in the crags it will make national news never mind Yorkshire !

AndyC said...

Nice one ,have you got any pics or tips on what to look for exactly..I see UKmoths has little info on this species.?