Monday, 30 May 2011

Beyond Calderdale

Hi all,

Could somebody tell me what the below moth is? It was in my trap last week, I didn't measure it, but wondered if it was an early Pinion-streaked Snout (Schrankia costaestrigalis)?

sorry for the blurriness...

I'm due to leave Calderdale tomorrow, to take up a position as the Volunteer Ranger for the Large Blue Butterfly at Collard Hill in Somerset. If anyone is interested in hearing how the flight season goes, I'll be writing a daily update for the Large Blue Blog. Do come and visit if you get the chance, it'll be great to welcome some Northern 'moffers' to the hill!

A couple of weeks ago I spent a happy day at Strumpshaw Fen in Norfolk, Swallowtail chasing. We saw at least 10, and spent a good hour with one patrolling a huge blossom laden blackthorn. Thought you might like a couple of the pics from the day.

A favoured perch - it returned repeatedly to this vantage point.

On vegetation adjacent to the path.

See you back in the Crags later this year. Christine.


charlie streets said...

Your mystery moth is a micro - a male Bee Moth.

AndyC said...

Thanks christine,Ive put it in the links section,hope you have a good season with the large Blue...and Brown Argus

brian leecy said...

Hope it go,s well down there,and its a good Large Blue Season.regards Bri.

Nick Carter said...

Good luck Christine, we are at the Glastonbury festival again this year and I believe you are close by? If so will try and call in.

muffin said...

Thanks for the moth ID Charlie.
Large Blue season has begun! Walking round the transect route on my site today we saw three, the earliest emergence ever at Collard Hill. I hope this bodes well.

I mentioned moth trapping to my boss today, and it's never been done at Collard, so if people want to bring a trap to Somerset...?!

Nick - I am really close to Glastonbury,(in fact i cycled to the town today). Collard Hill is a couple of miles south of Street. Do call in, it'll be around peak flight season at the festival.

Nick Carter said...

Will do, I think Winston may be there also plus Andy Huyton (Calderdale birder) we might descend "en masse"

muffin said...

Glad to hear it, I'll have to try and not show too much favouritism to the Northern contingent on the site! Christine.