Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Heath Royd 10th May - 18th May

Despite the wind' I've had a few moths over the past few days.

2 Brimstone
1 Pale Tussock
4 Scalloped Hazel
3 Poplar Hawkmoth
1 Elephant Hawkmoth
1 Lime Hawkmoth
1 Clouded- bordered Brindle
1 Heart and Dart
1 Shuttle Shaped Dart
1 Dark Spectacle


AndyC said...

There you go again with them Hawkmoths Ive only had 1 Polar so far.

Sean Johnston said...

I can only assume they are feeding on a large flowering Willow tree in the neighbour's garden?

brian leecy said...

You certainly are doing ok for Hawkmoths there Sean.