Thursday, 19 May 2011

Pugs...Mid March - Mid May at Northowram

White Spotted Pug(top)and Common Pug (bottom)

This year so far I have been studying the pugs at light in the back garden and trying hard to id them.So far the results are as follows----
Brindled pug   22
V-Pug             1
Double striped Pug  3
Common Pug     13
Foxglove Pug     2 (1 on 18th april very early record)
Oak -tree pug  3
White Spotted Pug   1
Pug sp...7


martynbirder said...

pretty much the same here Andy with

Brindled Pug 80
V-Pug 1
Double-striped Pug 4
Common Pug 15
Foxglove Pug 3
Oak Tree Pug 3
White-spotted Pug 3
Currant Pug 3

Which Pug? 47 (probably all Brindled)

brian leecy said...

White Spotted seems more common locally than stated, in our neck of the woods anyway.lets hope for a few pugs tonight.Bri