Monday, 2 May 2011

Hardcastle Craggs 1st may

 Nematopogon swammerdamella 10
Brindled Pug  32
Brown silver Lines  4
Common quaker        2
Engrailed                 2
Pale Tussock           1
Flame Carpet           1
Autumn Green Carpet    2
Grey Pine carpet               1
Water Carpet                     2
Powdered Quaker              1
Early tooth striped            1
White ermine                   1 
Early Thorn                     1
Coxcomb prominent        1
Hebrew Character          2 
Eriocrania  Subpurpurella    2
Cockchafer bettle              10
Thanks to Sandra for tea and thanks to Bri,Martyn and carol. f

1 comment:

Sandra Carter said...

Another good night, thanks to all who attended. Love the photo, its a belter! Didn't put trap out again last night as blowing a gale again in Midgley, and is no better tonight I'm afraid. Think any moths will have been smoked out anyway by now......