Sunday, 8 May 2011

Hardcastle Craggs Sat 07 05 11

What a FANTASTIC night,2 lights were run at Gibson Mill and Hollin Hall and it was the latter where it all happened as Andy said,Devon Carpet 1, 1st record of 1st generation in Yorkshire,Grass Rivulet 1,Alder Moth 1,Figure of Eighty 1,Light knotgrass 1,Autumn Green Carpet 2,Purple Thorn 1,Lesser Swallow Prominent 5,Iron Prominent 1,Coxcomb Prominent 1,Pale Tussock 2,Clouded Bordered Brindle 1,Scalloped Hazel 1,Eriocrania subpurpurella 2,Twenty Plume 1,Ruby Tiger 1,Flame shoulder 22,Brown Silverlines 19,Dark Barred Twin Spot Carpet 2,Foxglove Pug 1,Brindled Pug 10,SmallPhoenix 3,Common Wave 1,Common Carpet 1,Oak Tree Pug 1,and quite a few Pugs to be identified yet.although very heavy rain proved trying for both electrics and us !! it was certainly worth the soaking we got,thanks to Andy,Martyn,Nick Dawtrey and myself regards Bri. ps other pic is Light Knotgrass.


brian leecy said...

ps also Water Carpet 7,appropriately !

brian leecy said...

Interesting that Marsh Bedstraw seems to be the main foodplant of Devon Carpet,but also mentioned as a possible foodplant is Fen Bedstraw and Crimsworth Dean is one of few places it is found locally ! regards 5 Cockchafers including 1 scuttling around my front room again !

martynbirder said...

cracking night Brian, glad to here you were finally happy with the Devon Carpet, can you email me a picture please