Saturday, 10 October 2015

9th October Northowram

Red Green Carpet x 4
Common Marbled Carpet   x 5
Garden Carpet    x 2
Light Brown Apple Moth x 7
Large Yellow Underwing x 1
November Moth agg x 3
Rusty Dot pearl x 2
Silver Y x 3
Blairs Shoulder knot x 3
Sallow x 1
Carpet sp either Chevron or N.Spinach (very worn)


Dave Sutcliffe said...

Done well there Andy. Really quiet here for lack of species last nightwith trap out from dusk to midnight. 1 Silver Y, 3 Red-green Carpet, 5 Common Marbled Carpet and the Ypsolopha sequella.

AndyC said...

Yellow and Red Lined Quakers last night and an interesting small black micro waiting to id it.......

AndyC said...

The small black micro turned out to be a melanic Garden rose tortrix which I have not had before......