Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Lee Mount

From last night 20th October
Feathered Thorn x 1
Red-green Carpet x 1
Common Marbled Carpet x 3
Light Brown Apple Moth x 1
November Moth agg x 1
Beautiful Plume x 1 on the last Buddleia flowers
Plus one unidentified worn individual x 1

 Feathered Thorn
 Unidentified ?(looks worn with not  a lot to go on)
Think this is a Common Marbled Carpet (but I couldn't check the upper side with this one) !


brian leecy said...

Middle one poss worn Dun -bar,last one looks good for Common Marbled Carpet.

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Thanks Bri. Nothing last night other than a L B Apple Moth. I think everything else got blown away. Loads of Ladybirds all over the place must have got blown out of the trees last night