Sunday, 10 September 2017

Stainland 10 September 2017.

1 x Garden Carpet.
1 x Light Brown Apple.
1 x Garden Rose Tort. (Warn, hard to be certain).
1 x Common Carpet.

I'll put the Garden Rose Tort up, in case I'm wrong and it can be corrected.

Garden Rose Tort?

About midnight last night, Anne spotted a moth with it's wings in raised position. I couldn't think what it was. At about 3:30 am It was still on the door but with it's wings opened flat. Mystery solved, it's a Common Carpet. I've not seen one resting with wings up before. It had gone by morning.

Garden Carpet.


AndyC said...

Gordon look again at your Common Carpet...

Gordon Jackson said...

Sorry, I had a lot of trouble with this this moth. I thought it was another carpet, then found the "other" was a march land one. I only spent two hours look, maybe that's not enough time. I have to say that I'm really still only a novice.

I will bow to anyone who cane ID it for me. Sorry


Gordon Jackson said...

I MEANT MARSHLAND, not march land . Bum!

AndyC said...

The bottom pic is Garden Carpet

Gordon Jackson said...

Oh! In my ignorance, I assumed Garden Carpets were ALWAYS grey. I'd not realised they varied in colour. Thanks ((wandering off with red face).