Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Stainland 5th September 2017

A small mixture of moths. It was nice to see a Willow Beauty again. There is a very helpful guide to identifying Mottled and Willow Beauty's here:


If anyone has not seen this site, it's worth exploring.
1 x Light Brown Apple moth.
2 x Garden Rose Tortrix.
1 Garden Carpet.
1 Lesser Yellow Underwing.

I took these at about 3 am this morning. It is said that some moths come to light, It is more true than I thought. I was taking the Willow Beauty, when a Lesser Yellow Underwing flew between the Willow and my lens and settled near me. It made me jump. As it landed it left it's wings partially open. I was refocusing on it when it flew out of reach. It would have been a nice photo, still, I got a decent shot of it.

This Garden Rose Tort. is very tatty poor thing. It has marking a little different to the others I've seen, so I thought I'd present it.

Garden Rose Tortrix.

Lesser Yellow Underwing. 

Garden Carpet.

The Willow Beauty was fast asleep, I wish I could sleep like that. Just occasionally would do. Anyway, I was able to take my time and get a nice close up of it's antenna.

Willow Beauty.

I also had a 4th instar Green Shieldbug, numerous small spiders, one Garden Spider, two craneflies and a lace wing by the door.

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