Monday, 18 September 2017

Stainland 18th Sept 2017.

Yet another fairly sleepless night for me, about three and a half hours. Still, it gave me chance to roam about our little garden and see what was about. Apart from weevils, spider, the odd woodlouse etc., a lot of small, light brown moths were flying about. I think mainly Light Brown Apple moths, I photographed two.

There was a second Common Marbled Carpet, far more worn that yesterdays. Finally, a Common Green Carpet, the first I've seen. When freshly emerged, they tend to be bright green to bluish green. The colour fades to brown or white shades fairly quickly. I'd love to find a new one. The one below is a female, the males have feathered antennae.

Common Green Carpet (female).


AndyC said...

Green Carpet is a good one at this time of year ,

Gordon Jackson said...

Well, I was very pleased to see one, with it being my first. I'll probably find two or three more now, it seems to happen like that sometimes.