Monday, 2 June 2008


Hi all
Sorry for my lack of posts recently but Sue and I have now got our static caravan in wales and thus spend all our spare time there. Its a different world for inverts compared to Calderdale, with far more species and numbers seen. Most common larva spotted last week was Drinker Moth, we moved dozens of these from the roads as we cycled round. Lots of adult moths with plenty of carpet sp, and a huge range of micros which I did not manage to sort as I had no gear with me last week. I will be setting up a wildlife blog covering the flora and fauna of the Llyn peninsular as soon as my broadband access is put in place next week and hope to link it with this site.

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drepana said...

Hi Paul

Happy move!.. I gather you do a bit of cycling. I didn't know you were moving to the Llyn peninsualar. this is an amazing place with some amazing roads. I remember taking part in a 300k event from corwen Youth Hostel which visited this area and used partially closed cliffside roads 2 years ago and was organised by Hill climbing maestro, Graham Mills who sadly died last year. Enjoy the views and the wildlife. Winston