Monday, 30 June 2008

Burnets & Stuff

Anyone with time this week should visit Tag meadow at Cromwell Bottom. The burnetts have started to emerge in the last few days and I counted hundreds this morning. If you look over one of the bush vetch patches you will sometimes see as many as a 1000+ burnets on one patch of plants, its truly spectacular. Lots of Meadow Brown on the meadow along with many differant grass and tortrix moths. I also recorded Small Copper and Small Heath on the meadow this morning.

I have a tips sheet with lepidoptera to be found on Ragwort. If anyone wants a copy contact me and I will email it too you. Ragwort is a cracking plant for many types of lepidoptera and "other" orders of insects.


charly streets said...

I haven't been to see the burnets there for a couple of years now, but when I did I found a small colony of Six-spotted as well as the more common Narrow-bordered Five-spotted, presumably both are seen regularly.
Paul, could you email me the fact sheet on Ragwort please.


AndyC said...

and me paul.ta

Andrew & Lorna said...

and me thanks.