Thursday, 12 June 2008

3 micros for id

hi Charlly i think this is the agonopterix sp.from NMN.House moth and Glec type?


charly streets said...

Andy, agree with the Brown (grey?) House Moth, the gelechid probably needs a dorsal view, (as with most moths a photo at right angles to the plane of the wing is best for IDs).I don't see enough agonopterix spp. to be sure of the other.
I see you found the BGM site, if you post them there I'm sure you'll get a response usually from micro guru Mike Wall.

charly streets said...

Actually I think that gelechid type is Blastobasis lacticolella and the agonopterix could well be arenella, like the one we had at CB earlier this year.

AndyC said...

i aint found how to load on to BGM yet,but will have a go when i get time,Cheers