Sunday, 8 June 2008

Friday nights moths

Hi all, below are the moths that I caught on Friday night which seemed a really good night or at least plenty in the trap. The only one I thought I had managed to identify turned out to be very wrong so I will post here and look them up for future ref after you guys give me a clue!! lol Here we are then:

repeat of first moth - different photo


Andrew & Lorna said...

Brown silver line second from bottom - saw a few at Blake Dean so hope that is right! lol

Andrew & Lorna said...

common marbled carpet at bottom?

AndyC said...

3rd from bottom .......
Ingrailed Clay
Silver Ground Carpet
Small Angle shades
Heart and dart
Scalloped hazel
no idea

Andrew & Lorna said...

Cheers Andy, have put a new photo on of the top one - right at the bottom of the post . Also not sure on the one between the silver ground carpet and the small angle shades?

koensetyawan said...

Nice pictures. I always admire moths since a long time a go. Do you write a book about them, too?