Monday, 9 June 2008

Last few Days

Mother Shipton(pic from uk moths .ta)1 near Coley garden centre today ,could'nt get a pic as it would'nt stay still for long enough.10 small Heath and 6 speckled wood also.In the moth trap i have had 30 + species the highlights being The Herald,White ermine,Poplar and small elephant hawkmoth and my first Pepperd moth(melanic)of the year.
Keep an eye out for Silver Y's during the day as there were 300+ at Spurn yesterday.
Brian Leesey recorded an Eyed hawkmoth last week only our 3rd recent record.

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drepana said...

Hi andy .
I haven't seen any Silver Y's yet but had The Herald 2 weeks ago (my 1st and very exciting)and a Mother Shipton today in Hebden but like you it was off and beyond reach