Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Keep an eye out

Received this from E.jolly(BAP coordinator) the other day.
There are a couple of easily-identified BAP insect species flying now that you
could look out for when out and about.
Small Copper butterfly and Chimney Sweeper (day-flying moth). They both breed in
unimproved grassland. Small Copper breeds on sorrel and the Chimney Sweeper on
pignut.All records will be passed on to Eddie.
Also after collecting information on nearly 390+ species of the larger moths and 25 + of Butterfly species,I am now starting to collect information on the micro's of Calderdale if any body has any information or lists please could they send them to my e-mail address.
The Caterpilla below is a Golden Rod Brindle and I think it has not been recorded locally for many years,so keep an eye out for this species

Cheers andy

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