Friday, 17 October 2008

2009 National Moth Night

I see that Butterfly Conservation have given the date for National Moth Nights 2009. They will be on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 September 2009.

Do you think that it might be possible to arrange a few trapping sessions across Calderdale to see what we get.

They have no specific species or habitats that they are targetting, however the theme is migration. Andy mentioned earlier that we might like to get the LNR lists of moths and butterflies up to date. (I'm still collating the various info on the different sites, but for many it is pretty sketchy), so one option is to do some trapping on one of these sites.

We may also (as the Council) run a public moth trapping event on one of these nights and publicise it in the Wildside guided walks and events programme, if anyone would be interested in helping out, especially with the identification then please let me know.


Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

I'm still collating the various info on the different sites, but for many it is pretty sketchy

Unfortunately Chris is likely to remain sketchy as well unless Calderdale pay for surveys. Most of the local people will want to go to sites that they hope contain scarce species or lots of differant moths and butterflies. Most of us have limited spare time to follow our hobby and thus are not willing to survey sites that don't look promising. Its the perenial problem that Councils are unwilling to pay for the expertise required to carry out the surveys in the first place that could then be added to by "amateurs". I am going to do some survey work here on the Llyn next year for the National Trust but as usual will not even get petrol money :-((

To be honest its not that big a deal as unless you survey a site over a number of years its just list of names stored away on a computer. If you look at Calderdales BAP lists for Diptera for example how much iformation does it tell the layman. I remember Roy Crossley telling me it was a waste of time passing on his diptera lists for Halifax as the names would mean nothing except to another diperist. I personally think you would be better spending your time targeting various species in Calderdale and forgetting large site lists. It would (in my opinion)be a much more constructive use of the limited time and personel you have available.

This is not meant to be a negative comment as I do appreaciate the work you do. I just think it would be better to discuss and then target various nationally declining/adventive/spreading sp of Lepidoptera

AndyC said...

Broadhead Clough(if the cattle grid is fixed????)may be a good spot in september,it could pick up migrants plus local woodland species.Will have to give it some thought.

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Bloody Hell Andy, at least my surveying only costs me petrol money not a wrecked car :-))

You really need to contact Charles Flynn. He runs the site for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and should have a moth list contributed to by Ian Kimber and myself